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The Driver Activation Training™ program improves decision making and thereby reduces collisions through its tailored use of cognitive based learning techniques, proven driving practices, and state of the art simulation.  The breakthrough in our training is that we teach from the head down – 80% of all vehicle collisions are a result of a bad decision.  The proprietary SPOT™ platform (Scanning, Predicting, Options, Taking Action) helps drivers reach a higher level of situational awareness.  By becoming “thinking” drivers they utilize superior scanning and predicting abilities to avoid dangerous situations.  Our experienced based training heightens awareness of difficult conditions.

The Driver Activation Training™ program uses high technology simulator based driving platforms to provide hands on experience against a proprietary training platform.  The state of the art simulator technology delivers a realistic driving experience among a range of vehicle types allowing trainees to build their skill base amongst varying vehicle dynamics.  In addition, the ability to place trainees in realistic geographical environments and driving situations, allows trainees to accelerate their skill base in a risk free setting.  Simulator based training allows for continual reinforcement of the training curriculum and consistent repetition of key training areas.

Specific best driving practices are included within the curriculum.  To successfully reduce collision incidents, the following training objectives are achieved:

  1. Strengthen overall driving awareness by enhancing visual acuity and engagement of multiple senses.
  2. Engage active thinking to move to proactive versus reactive driving.
  3. Create an environment that allows experimentation with multiple strategies and plans to deal with complex driving challenges.
  4. Create time efficient practice sessions to maximize cycle time and positive reinforcement of correct actions.

The program has proven to deliver meaningful improvements in driver safety. Key benefits include:

  • A reduction in work related injuries and less lost time; thus, improving productivity.
  • A reduction in financial claims related to collisions.
  • Motivated employees, as they continue to recognize your commitment to provide state-of-the-art training.


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