Warrior Driver Training Program™

“This is an excellent driver training program. What we’ve identified early on in our previous deployments was that driving is a critical combat skill, similar to shooting, communicating and rendering medical aid. The driver is the first member of the crew that reacts to a situation outside of the vehicle. The Warrior Driver training program offers an innovative curriculum — the first I’ve seen that really teaches soldiers to alter their behavior and predict consequences in advance, allowing them to be become thinking, proactive drivers rather than reactive ones. In fact, this training makes them better drivers on civilian roads as well as in challenging combat situations. This is clearly going to save Soldiers lives, reduce equipment damage and allow us to do a better job.”

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Meadows, US Army (Retired)
Former 1-71 Calvary Squadron Commander, 10th Mountain Division

Experience is crucial in preparing Soldiers for any operation, including vehicle operation. Traditional driver training programs emphasize rules of the road and vehicle control. The problem with this approach is that it does not address the major cause of vehicle incidents — poor decision making. Add the complexity of demanding environments, new and stressful situations, the fielding of new vehicles — and the potential for poor decision making behavior significantly increases.


Our solution is to train from the head down — not the feet up — to create thinking drivers who are more engaged while at the controls of a vehicle. MPRI and drive for life created a training program and curriculum that specifically leverages simulation technology to produce better driving decisions. This experiential learning environment supplemented with our proprietary SPOT™ curriculum — Scan, Predict, Options, Take Action — places Soldiers in immersive settings where they learn to:

  • search and scan for hazards to achieve superior situational awareness
  • engage in the driving process by predicting outcomes to become a thinking driver
  • employ multiple options to proactively deal with challenges
  • take action when encountering demanding situations


  • Provides an innovative, combat proven driver training program that addresses the major cause of vehicle incidents — poor decision making
  • Provides a cost efficient way to train, eliminating the need for significant capital cost investments
  • Provides highly mobile training — our classrooms and trainers come to you
  • Provides the flexible tools necessary to quickly respond to training requirements for multiple type vehicles
  • During a fourteen month deployment, troops that received Warrior Driver training reported zero rollovers; troops that did not receive the training reported eight rollovers
  • The program consistently receives outstanding feedback and satisfaction rates from Soldiers and their leaders


Our training scenarios are customized with extensive input from brigade leadership and non-commissioned officers currently in theatre. Their contributions along with industry leading graphics and force feedback steering deliver an optimum virtual training environment.

We provide a flexible and highly mobile training program that utilizes innovative tools and technology to quickly respond to training requirements for multiple type vehicles, combat situations and diverse environments.

This highly effective training program has generated measureable results in significantly reducing vehicle incidents in deployed units — but don’t take our word for it…

“The 1BCT had 8 Rollover Accidents that occurred the deployment before we received your training. We had no HMMWV rollovers this deployment and the Uparmored HMMWV was our primary vehicle for the entire deployment. We did not have a single serious HMMWV accident and I can't even recall a minor one. I checked my accident reporting records and could find NO HMMWV accidents during this 14 month deployment.

This was my second deployment and my biggest safety issue (and worry) was roll-overs. Your training and the sim training was the key factor in our accident avoidance record. I have recommended this training because it modified driving behavior and did so immediately according to our Soldiers who participated.”

David Rockwell, Former Safety Officer 10th Mountain Division


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