Hand Held Simulation Training

Drive For Life's latest training breakthrough is in Hand Held Simulation -- get the power of simulation in a tablet form.

The training has all the benefits of simulators

  • can be implemented at any location - great mobility
  • lower costs
  • no adverse simulation effects
  • scheduling flexibility
  • train your trainers - ownership of program
These simulations are ideal for Corporate Fleets, Emergency Responders, Taxi Fleets.
Reduce collision incidents by 30%
Payout training costs in <12 months
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Our Hand Held Simulation approach is a decision based driver training program proven to lower collision incidents and costs. The DFL Driver Activation Program™ uniquely focuses on the driver's decision making process -- the key cause of collisions. We offer a full portfolio of proven training programs designed to deliver innovative cognitive training excersises that focus on modifying driver behaviours. The training methodology leverages adult learning models.

Train to Think, Think to Drive, Drive for Life

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