Taxi Driver Simulation Training

The United States Department of Labor highlights the unique challenges of the Taxi work environment:

  • Driving for long periods can be tiring and stressful, especially in densely populated urban areas.
  • Being seated in the same position for most of the day can also be very uncomfortable.
  • Taxi drivers and chauffeurs often have to load and unload heavy luggage and packages.
  • They are at high risk for robbery, because they work alone and often carry large amounts of cash.
  • Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that taxi drivers and chauffeurs experienced a work-related injury and illness rate that was much higher than the national average.

Full-time taxi drivers usually work one shift a day, which may last 8 to 12 hours. Part-time drivers may work half a shift each day, or work a full shift once or twice a week. Drivers may work shifts at all times of the day and night, because most taxi companies offer services 24 hours a day. Early morning and late night shifts are not uncommon. Drivers work long hours during holidays, weekends, and other special times when demand for their services is heavier.

Within this stressful environment, consistently making good driving decisions can be a difficult. Studies confirm that 80% of collisions are a result of a bad decision. Despite this knowledge, most driver training has focused on learning how to better control the vehicle and following the rules of the road. Training needs to focus on how people think while they drive and then add the appropriate interventions on vehicle control. This allows the training to address the key causes of collisions. Simulation based training allows the focus to move to the decision making process first, then vehicle control.

Therefore, to take advantage of the technology, the on simulator training has to be carefully constructed to reinforce specific driving behaviours and skills in a sequenced learning schedule. The magic of simulators is it allows trainees to have hands-on experience managing different driving challenges. Maximizing the time on the simulator ensures that the trainee has enough cycle time to learn and entrench the learning. Many driving behaviours of trainees are deeply rooted from past experience. Limited simulation time will only create awareness of the issue and will not allow the trainee to make a behaviour change.

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Taxi Driver Simulation Program Details:

drive for life can provide a fully outsourced training program utilizing MPRI simulation technology, proprietary SPOT™ training curriculum and specific training scenarios designed to build the experience base for drivers among a range of road, weather and traffic conditions. The MPRI sim technology effectively replicates vehicle handling dynamics for a wide variety of vehicles and we match these vehicle dynamics with our SPOT™ curriculum and various training scenarios/situations.

Our program allows for the joint use of drive for life instructors and your trainers to optimize the training experience. We will provide training for your trainers to ensure they are fully capable of delivering the curriculum and training interventions.

Training can be conducted at our training facility in Mississauga or on site at your locations. drive for life can provide up to 3 simulators plus one instructor for each session.

We also maintain a data base assessment of participants to help you understand and track improvements in your organization. Our proprietary SPOT™ scorecard establishes driver profiles within your fleet and allows you to track and monitor results against various profiles.

The foundation to the training curriculum offered is built upon the proprietary SPOT™ training methodology: Scanning, Predicting, Options analysis and Taking Action. This methodology has proven pedigree among a wide range of driver groups including novice and experienced drivers, commercial truckers, military and emergency services groups such as police and fire personnel. drive for life designs specific driving scenarios for reinforcement of the SPOT™ training curriculum. We will work with you on key training objectives and ensure the driving scenarios incorporate your training needs.

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