Rollover Rage


A stupid argument about changing lanes has landed one woman in hospital and another in police custody, after an apparent road rage incident on the 401 Wednesday.

Their paths crossed near Kingston Road, and it ended with a 43-year-female in an Explorer rolling off an embankment and into a twisted heap in a ditch. The Pickering resident was trapped in the wreckage until emergency crews arrived to free her.

She was rushed to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, suffering from serious pelvic, leg and head injuries.

The other driver fled the scene, but cops quickly tracked her to a local mall, before taking a 47-year-old woman into custody. Authorities have been trying to separate fact from fiction about what happened ever since.

“One didn’t want to yield to the other to change lanes,” explains P.C. Brad Muir of the Aurora O.P.P. “And it continued further along with one driver cutting off the other, forcing the other vehicle towards the barrier. That vehicle almost hit the barrier. The driver reacted, swerving away from the barrier, lost control, rolled over, crossing all the collector lanes. Continued along the embankment, [before] coming to rest.”

The names of those involved haven’t been released, but the driver who left the scene is facing a fail-to-remain charge.

The accident caused other havoc as well, shutting down three westbound lanes of Canada’s busiest highway at Port Union Road during the height of the morning rush.

It’s an all too common scenario for police these days. And it’s even spawned the creation of a school to teach drivers how to avoid the anger within.

Drive for Life offers a realistic simulator designed to create scenarios that put you out of harm’s way while dealing with reality.

“What we're trying to teach people [is]… it's not really about who's at fault. How to avoid a collision, how to keep safe, how to become a safer driver,” explains John Williamson.

As he teaches what we all have to learn, the O.P.P. is looking for witnesses in the latest 401 incident. Call (416) 235-4981 if you’ve got anything to add.

What do you believe is the number one cause of road rage on G.T.A. streets?

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