MPRI Driver Simulation Technology

The innovative drive for life program is powered by L-3  MPRI's advanced driver training simulators - the same technology that has been used successfully to train drivers in law enforcement, trucking, in the military and transit authorities. This is the only technology that met drive for life's demanding performance criteria.

The simulator technology offers an outstanding learning environment by establishing highly realistic driving scenarios. Once you climb into the simulator, you're essentially behind the wheel of a real car with fully functional instrumentation and responsive controls.Force-loaded steering provides immediate feedback allowing you to feel actual handling and road dynamics. Three high-resolution plasma screens and our advanced software create an extremely life-like driving environment with a 210 degree view of the road for enhanced training in intersection situations.

drive for life and L-3 MPRI have developed proprietary driving scenarios that will accelerate your skill development. Our proprietary SPOT based training modules allow students to more effectively Scan, Predict, create Options and Take action.

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