Ms Julie Ryckman, Supervisor Health & Safety, City of Windsor Ont:

"I would not hesitate to recommed Drive for Life to other employers as a means of equipping drivers  in the terms of general driving knowledge as well as training workers in the specific aspects of the vehicles they operate. The simulator training is a unique and challenging experience for participants and was well received by all of our staff.

In taking on our training needs, I familiarized them with the less than positive experience our workers had with a different provider. In order to make our experience with Drive for Life positive, they worked diligently with front line and management staff in both our Public Works and Fire Services to ensure that they understood their unique needs and application of the simulator training. This relationship building was crucial to getting the buy in of our frontline staff and proved very effective as our results were extremely positive." 

 Michael Oates, Major General US Army Commanding:

"On behalf of the Soldiers and leaders of the 10th Mountain Division, I want to extend our sincere appreciation for your efforts in bringing an extremely effective training capability to our Division.... The MPRI/drive for life Simulator Based Driver's Training Service has been a huge success in significantly improving the combat driving skills for the drivers in our deploying units. The feeback from the drivers and NCOs who underwent this unprecedented and very critical training has been nothing less than outstanding and I am convinced this services will result in saving lives for these deploying units"

Mr. Shawn DeSantis, Vice President of Personal Insurance at Royal & SunAlliance Canada Group:

"Investing in drive for life could be one of the smartest investments families with young drivers can make.  As a company that gets involved in our communities, we have developed the StartSmart program - a series of insurance offerings that focus on driver safety.  We want to ensure young drivers have the right tools to begin their driving careers correctly, and make it easier for parents to hand over the car keys to their young son or daughter.  We are excited to be able to reward those people who are committed to safe driving with these insurance savings.  But for me as a father, it's not about the cost - it's about ensuring the safety of my children on the road, and the safety of those around them."

Public Services Health & Safety Association:
"Our partnership with drive for life provides our clients, the Municipalities of Ontario, with a value added training service, in an effort to reduce and eliminate all fatalities associated with driving on the job. Motor vehicle incidents account for more than 50% of all Workplace Safety and Insurance Board fatality claims across all sectors. I highly recommend this program for all Municipalities in Ontario"
Mr Shawn Matheson, Chief Training Officer, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services:
"The true measure of a training program is the results. The drive for life training program delivered a noticeable improvement in driving performance among both our new recruits and our experienced trainers (captains) who participated in the program. The proprietary SPOT training curriculum is an effective platform that works on getting drivers to become more engaged in the driving process and environment." 

Mr. Tom Blyth, President of Ex-Examiners Driver Education & Training:

“Driver education programs have not kept pace with the changes in the driving environment in metropolitan areas like Toronto”, observes Tom Blyth.  Having tested thousands of potential drivers for the Ministry of Transportation for more than a decade, Blyth knows that the congestion, hazards, and dangers on our roads have increased and have become more difficult - especially for new drivers.  According to him, “The drive for life program provides unique training that addresses these changes, and makes the driver more confident and competent behind the wheel.”

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