Mississauga / GTA Based Novice Driver Simulation Training

Why drive for life?- Accelerate the experience of your novice driver!   They will learn to make better decisions!

Traditional driver training programs provide 30 hours of classroom instruction but only 10 hours of real in car drive time-some of this is spent on learning to park not driving. drive for life fully supports these programs but does not believe that 10 hours is a sufficient amount of time spent on building driving experiences for novice drivers. Our goal is to accelerate the experience level of novice drivers behind the power of simulation training and our proprietary SPOT training approach. Every hour in a simulator equates to 3 hours of real driving experience- simulation is a very effective tool at getting to the core driving issues.

The $349 (+HST) Novice Driver Program consists of 5 hours of training- usually completed over 3-4 training sessions. The training modules provide the driver with in-depth simulator experience against a range of realistic driving scenarios. The drive for life simulator modules provide a hands-on training environment for the novice driver to experience making real time decisions using the SPOT method. Training scenarios will challenge the driver to improve their ability to operate their vehicle safely within a range of different situations and conditions. This will include urban, rural and highway driving plus a variety of weather patterns (snow, fog, rain) and road conditions.

drive for life is proven to help reduce collision rates and improve skills and behaviours. 100% of participants have stated that  our training made them significantly safer behind the wheel.

drive for life delivers proven results. The chart below highlights results among novice driver graduates of the course:  

Key area Result
Definitely make me a safer driver  93% of graduate base (5 out of 5 score) 
Value rating 4.6 out of 5
Liking rating 4.8 out of 5 
Benefits: % strongly agree (5 out of 5 score)
Helped improve driving abilities 81%
Improved scanning skills 90%
More aware of others 80%
Reduced chances of being in a collision 84%
Better prepared for dangerous situations 85%

Over the course of the training, novice drivers will learn to effectively use our proprietary SPOT training approach in increasingly challenging environments allowing them to become safer drivers by improving both driving skills and behaviours. 


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