Testimonials for Simulation Based Driver Training

Here are a small sampling of testimonials related to the drive for life novice training program.

Father of Recent Graduate

The drive for life training program is very aptly named. My son was driving on a gravel road at or below the speed limit of 60km an hour. I was in the passenger seat.  He went around a bend and suddenly a pick up truck was coming too close for comfort in the other direction. My son swerved to take evasive action and started going into a tail spin. He reacted instinctively because of the practice he had had on your simulator. He quickly regained control and we continued safely on our trip. So thank you for an excellent training course that quite probably saved us from a crash

Parent of Recent Graduate

Thank you for the driving course that your company conducted for my son several years ago. Since that time, he has had a clean driving record and as you know this is a very dangerous time for young drivers. The refresher course that he took helped him pass his G license test…..

Marlie Kuchinsky

The drive for life Program has helped me become a more comfortable and cautious driver. The different scenarios that were practiced on the simulator, including a tire blowout, entering and exiting a freeway, and un-responsive drivers, will help me in the future when/ if I come across them. Drive for Life is different than any other driver training program; the simulator makes it fun and educational at the same time

Andrew Groom

The scanning methods are incredibly important and I've used all the skills I learned during the course. These skills have helped me avoid accidents and now I drive well and consciously, not simply by my razor sharp reflexes or killer driver skills. Thanks drive for life for providing me with skills that will drive me through life's many roads

April Nickerson

I really enjoyed the drive for life program. The scenarios were interesting, challenging, and lots of fun. Getting to do the skid course was especially great! Learning the SPOT technique was really helpful to me, and definitely improved my driving skills. The people were really friendly and I would definitely recommend this course for anyone learning to drive!

Jennifer Minchin

I really liked the drive for life because it was more interactive with the student than just the regular class. The driving course was really boring and made me very tired and it was not very one on one or animated. Unlike the driving course, drive for life was a fun, creative way to get students actually experienced on the road. The driving course taught you the basics, while drive for life tested you on everything you learned. I enjoyed it completely and would do it again!

Stephen Andrew

I am much more confident and capable on the road after having done drive for life. The skills I learned were enhanced by simulator, which provided real life situations in a controlled environment. Plus I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance

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