EMS Driver Simulation Training

"The true measure of a training program is the results. The drive for life training program delivered a noticeable improvement in driving performance among both our new recruits and our experienced trainers (captains) who participated in the program. The proprietary SPOT training curriculum is an effective platform that works on getting drivers to become more engaged in the driving process and environment."

Mr Shawn Matheson, Chief Training Officer, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services

A successful program for Emergency Responders must reflect the realities of each organization’s current training and operational challenges.  We believe our program uniquely addresses the very specific needs of Emergency Responders; but, the summary provided by from Mississauga Fire of our program highlights what makes our training different:

“The drive for life program delivered to the recruits was a welcomed experience by the recruits and proved to be a huge success. Not only were the recruits tested skill-wise but they were also asked to perform on a knowledge basis as well. There were emergency scenarios created into real life situations that I don't believe can be addressed appropriately through any other Defensive Driving course. drive for life has an unique ability to create a scenario that can change and/or adapt depending on where/when you initiate your actions in that particular scenario thus allowing people doing the same simulation to achieve various different learning outcomes during the same exercise. Probably the most effective learning tool is that each simulation can be replayed from various angles even in slow motion so that the others who may not have encountered the same obstacles can benefit from seeing the situation with an alternative outcome.

The process of having Mississauga Fire and Emergency Service (MFES) instructors involved was in my opinion totally complimentary to the learning outcomes wishing to be achieved. drive for life provided some fantastic operational situations and with the MFES instructors present were able to add to this with real life experiences as well as adoption to MFES guidelines, legal statutes  with regards to emergency vehicle responses and  our own corporate policies.

I believe this unique opportunity is the best option for this department thus utilizing  the vast experience and operational knowledge of the likes of drive for life  liaised with on the job experience and technical abilities of the MFES instructors.

One point worth mentioning is the ability to break-up the training into grasp-able periods of time (2 hours per session) we witnessed first hand how hard it may be to grasp all techniques of the simulator with longer "on the simulator" portions. Broken up, the students are able to adapt to situations better and receive the full benefit of the drive for life experience.”

Captain Roger Pardy

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EMS Driver Simulation Training Program Details:

drive for life can provide a fully outsourced training program utilizing MPRI simulation technology, proprietary SPOT™ training curriculum and specific training scenarios designed to build the experience base for drivers among a range of road, weather and traffic conditions. The MPRI sim technology effectively replicates vehicle handling dynamics for emergency response vehicles and we match these vehicle dynamics with our SPOT™ curriculum and emergency scenarios/situations.

Our program allows for the joint use of drive for life instructors and your trainers to optimize the training experience. We will provide training for your trainers to ensure they are fully capable of delivering the curriculum and training interventions.
Training can be conducted at our training facility in Mississauga or on site at your locations.  drive for life can provide up to 3 simulators plus one instructor for each session.

We also maintain a data base assessment of participants to help you understand and track improvements in your organization.  Our proprietary SPOT™ scorecard establishes driver profiles within your fleet and allows you to track and monitor results against various profiles.

The foundation to the training curriculum offered is built upon the proprietary SPOT™ training methodology: Scanning, Predicting, Options analysis and Taking Action.  This methodology has proven pedigree among a wide range of driver groups including novice and experienced drivers, commercial truckers, military and emergency services groups such as police and fire personnel.  drive for life designs specific driving scenarios for reinforcement of the SPOT™ training curriculum. We will work with you on key training objectives and ensure the driving scenarios incorporate your training needs.

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